Discover book paths – an adventurous trip

Discover book paths - an adventurous trip

Mark Twain’s vision is empowered by the interactive book-format that both speed up the navigation back and forth, as well as simplifies the iReader’s efforts to discover her individual book path. This e.g. in comparison to a “course” where the term in itself and how it is managed forms a one-way-street through the content. In this sense, the book’s multifaceted aspects are definitely a format for the digital age, while a course assembly-line process is more of the industrial age. Learn more about interactive books and our PublishingLab

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Books rule the world

Books rule the world

Bernhardin St Pierre’s words from the 18th Century are still vital in our age. Especially, in light of that the book is on a journey into being published in new formats with empowering features for the mind and skill’s development. We offer interactive books with features like gamification, audio, video, loads of different forms of exercises and layouts. Soon augmented reality features will be available on our makerspace Storyteller on eLearningworld. Where the interactive books are developed, published and distributed. The interactive books can be distributed in three different formats. Progressive interactive books that can be used from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Web-based interactive books where you log in online to use the book. And native interactive books that can be used from mobile devices. For more information click below:

Interactive Books with Gamification soon Augmented Reality

interaQtive Books with integrated gamification features that empowers inspiration, engagement and boosting skills development. More information about our services you find on Storyteller PublishingLabStoryteller on Demand and Storyteller for Business.

Yes! Bernhardin St Pierre’s are still vital, books rule the world, and will continue to do so …

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Interactive Books with a Q – features and services Part 1

Interactive Books with a Q - features and services Part 1We have developed three services for our interaQtive Books, Storyteller On Demand, Storyteller PublishingLab and Storyteller for Business. Below follows information about Storyteller On Demand and the links leads to further information. In the following parts of these blog posts, we will dig further into the specific features and how to use them. As well as the benefits of our interactive books features and services.   


Storyteller On Demand

FREE analysis of Your book in order to make it interactive, counselling, development on Storyteller on eLearningworld-platform, demo-test and end-product. The interaQtive books can be published as native interactive books (downloadable) for Android and iOS. Progressive Interactive Books that work on-and offline for most devices and OS. And an Interactive Book Online, it is a web-based application. The interaQtive book-concept is especially well equipped for skills development, learning in general, brand management, engagement and inspirational productions as well as books for children and teenagers. It includes advanced interactive modules and quizzes, and mechanisms for gamification and simulations, and multimedia. Interesting? For more information click here


Learning Design – Pedagogy of Coding & Media Literacy – interaQtive book more information

A Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 – illustrated and with audio

En fransman i Stockholm 1844-45 – illustrerad och med ljud

Bordertraveller stories (translation of Gränsfarare) with audio

Read.Listen.Interact in interaQtive Books with engaging gamified features – title: Oliver Twist and many more Read.Listen.Interact-titles are on the way – interaQtive books

More titles are being planned, and will be presented soon!

Storyteller On Demand

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Interactive Books with a Q Part 2 – Story Path features

Interactive Books with a Q Part 2 - Story Path featuresYou have a story, and you want to empower it even further to improve the readers’ experience. InteraQtive Books here brings loads of opportunities with its about 30 basic interactive features with a manifold of combinations available. Interactive features that will bring your story to an even higher level, at the same time as it transforms the reader to an iReader. An experience that not only is activating as in traditional book formats but also where the reader is acting. As good stories and texts for learning are captivating. An interaQtive Book is taking the reader one or two steps even further to get more integrated into the story.

Story Path features

Improving a book’s “paths” with interactive features offers many opportunities. It could be anything from an encyclopedia link to a explain a term in the text. To fully interactified paths through the book where the story/text is integrated within the interactive features, in most cases, different features for different sections of the book. However, the middle way, where interactive features forming sections within the text is the most common. Which layout to choose? It depends on the story/text, target group(s) and purpose of the book. To empower engagement even further the author can use gamification mechanisms that are integrated into and work with the interactive features.  Storyteller On Demand

How to use interactive story path features

The interactive paths in the book could be a summary in books for learning with a memory game or the summary feature. It could include a virtual tour around e.g. a city where the story is taking place with the iReader as the navigator. It could be a simulation where e.g. the iReader tries different paths of the story, for instance for the author to try and test SOE PublishingLabdifferent endings, or let the iReader choose which ending by themselves. These are just three examples of loads of possible interactive paths in an interaQtive Books. 

Interesting? Please contact us for more information.    

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Interactive Books with a Q Part 3 – Integrated Activating Multimedia

Interactive Books with a Q Part 3 - Integrated Activating MultimediaTo be able to use more senses than the eyes for simply reading is one of the main benefits with interaQtive books. Audio, video and images integrated with a manifold of interactive features and layouts. This is empowering the engagement of the iReader with integrated activating multimedia. Something that makes Book Designer’s/Author’s task to decide which media-form that will be the most effective for each section of the book, and in the next step which interactive features that should be integrated. 

Integrated Activating Multimedia

Build a section with a video-story where you as the author can include multiple-choice questions, word games, links, summaries and much more within the video story. Or simply make it possible for the iReader to listen to the text either with a human voice or AI Storyteller. Or let the iReader answer questions verbally where the interaQtive book evaluates and give instant feedback to your answers. Or turn that concept around and let the iReader listen to a text and the task is to write what is said and then receive instant feedback on the work. These are just a few of a manifold of features in concern of using multimedia in interaQtive books.  

Interesting? Please visit Storyteller On Demand and Storyteller PublishingLab, and contact us for more information.  

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Future of job development – Hard skills and Soft skills

Future of job development - Hard skills and Soft skillsEmployers 2019 are looking for a combination of both hard and soft skills, according to an analysis from business networking site LinkedIn. However, 57% of senior leaders today say soft skills are more important than hard skills, which lead the way to the future of job development. 

The soft skills …

… that companies have the highest demand for are first, creativity. This is the number one skill, since as robots are optimizing yesterday’s solutions, creative humans are developing future solutions.

Second is persuasion, to buy a product, service or concept, to make others follow your path.

Collaboration is number 3 of the soft skills in order to add more value than the sum of the people involved.

Hard skills …

… that are required most by the employers 2019 are

1. Cloud Computing

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Analytical reasoning

4. People Management

5. UX design.

“The findings chime with the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, which concluded that “human” skills like originality, initiative and critical thinking are likely to increase in value as technology and automation advances.”  


Storyteller for BusinessBusiness Communication services provide sensible intelligence and learning with integrated interactivity that empowers all stakeholders of your business. This includes loads of features for learning, information and brand management. The format for the distribution is interactive books and apps. Click for more information

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Interactive Books with a Q Part 4 – Curiosity and Learning

Interactive Books with a Q Part 4 - Curiosity and Learning

Walt Disney’s words are a distinct definition of what a traditional book wants to accomplish and even more the functionally empowered book design of interactive books. Its interactive features take the iReader on a journey of deepening thoughts, engagement and learning by doing. Where the iReader remains the navigator of “opening new doors and doing new things” and curiosity is the fuel for the whole process. 

In this light the interactive book could be the source and solution to the following words of Albert Einstein:

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

Since it in itself generates fuel of curiosity for most people. It becomes informal learning in a formal context, which means an optimisation of the learning environment. See the animation and click the links below for more information. 

More stories on curiosity and learning

Curiosity to Learn in a tech-savvy World

Services and information

Storyteller PublishingLab

Storyteller On Demand

InteraQtive Books

Buy the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody directly from the publishing house ebook | print


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Curiosity to Learn in a tech-savvy World

Curiosity to Learn in a tech-savvy WorldCuriosity is the driving force that works to fill the gap between Nyfikenhet att Lära i en teknikintensiv världwhat we know and what we want to know. Torah Kachur CBC science columnist writes the following about the curiosity to learn:

“You can think of it like a mental itch and the only way to scratch the itch is to seek out new knowledge.”

To put fuel on this driving-force is even more important today than before the digital technology boom. This is one of the key points in Dr David A. Sousa’s book “Engaging the Rewired Brain”.

Dr Sousa’s research is based on recent brain research on how the human brain develops throughout childhood and adolescence. In the next step, he provides evidence-based guidance and points out specific strategies to teachers working with technology-addicted learners.

Rewired brain

Young people’s brain is developing differently in comparison with past generations. Since the human brain is plastic thereby changes with experience the rewiring goes to some extent for older generations too. Dr Sousa says that technology has reduced the need to remember information. It is the context that matters. At the same time smartphones, tablets and computers are an engaging distraction that either put the student on an adventurous learning-path or a zapping ride without purpose and goal. And Dr Sousa continues

“Teachers generally focus mainly on their students’ intellectual engagement and create lessons and assignments that stimulate their students’ curiosity and interests.”

Curiosity to learn

Torah Kachur writes:

“Another region of the brain that is stimulated when we are curious is the caudate — a region of the brain that essentially sits as an intersection between new knowledge and positive emotions.”

Here is one of the keys to why games could be such a powerful learning tool. This means that curiosity does not kill the cat as the saying says. Instead, it made it happier and more knowledgeable.

Written by
LarsGöran Boström©

Storyteller PublishingLabStoryteller PublishingLab is a makerspace or development platform for interactive books. Where the main target groups are publishing houses and educational organisations. The features on the platform are characterised by flexibility, versatility and advanced technology that not requires any programming skills and are very easy to use. The user can totally focus on empowering the stories and other content with different forms of interactivity.

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