Learning Design in Practice for Everybody by LarsGoran Bostrom eBookPDF with Audiobook

Learning Design in Practice for Everybody by LarsGoran Bostrom eBookPDF with Audiobook


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Practical guide including the 6iModel for creative projects and everything else about learning design

Learning is a challenge. To design a workable learning experience is even more challenging. It is like moving art with a well-defined purpose and goals. This book is intended to work as a practical guide to improve the prospects for you to succeed with your learning design project.

It includes four parts, beginning with an introduction to learning design including the latest trends within the field. Then the knowledge and skills are gradually built up by describing tools to use for emphatic human-centred and efficient learning design. The third part exploring the 6i-model and put it into practice. The 6i-model is a framework that includes a foundation of six stages. It is a guide for designing excellent learning experiences and other creative projects. The last part of the book is targeting present and future prospects for you as a Learning Designer.

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The focus is set on eLearning, but not in the traditional meaning of the word, since the e now stands for experience not electronic. This generates a human-centred approach to learning design. And it makes the old fight between digital advocates and traditionalists to lose its meaning.

In addition to all this in order to improve the visionary impact, some of Leonardo da Vinci’s eternal design ideas are presented in the book, ending in sixteen design thinking codes by the master to guide your work.

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