Best index Quality and NEW collection of Activewear

Best index Quality and NEW collection of Activewear

Best index Quality and NEW collection of ActivewearWe are now launching a new Bordertraveller collection of activewear that corresponds to our Best index Quality (BiQ) standards. BiQ is a Sustainable Human Rights Index based on statistics from Freedom House index for Political Rights and Civil Liberties, UNICEF Children Labour Stats, Human Rights and Rule of Law index (Fund for Peace) and 2021 SDG Index scores (Sustainable Development Goals Scores).

This includes the BiQScore from SDG-index in general, but also eight SDG challenges index and seven SDG trends index that all is connected to Best index Quality for sales of products and services. This means that e.g. “the no poverty”- and “zero hunger”-goals are not included, since a low score and low trend score are rather an indication that you should buy from this country in order to support a favourable development.

New Bordertraveller collection of activewear

We will continually update the BiQscores as e.g. new human rights-, and sustainable development goals-reports is being published. Both from the sources mentioned above and others like Human Right Watch, Amnesty and UN Agencies. Below follows our first official promotional video for our new collection of Activewear.

Click here to see the whole collection of activewear

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