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About us

About us - sustainability and human rights indexAbout us at BiQstore – design from Europe for an active lifestyle for body & mind. All products meet the Best index Quality – BiQ – which is a sustainability and human rights index.

Our brand is Bordertraveller, which contains clothing and other accessories that are produced on demand and delivered directly from the production unit, thus minimizing the shipping route and not contributing to overproduction and large warehouses that affect the climate. We are now working to make the entire production chain as sustainable as possible and further improve the BiQ score on our products.

Our printed books are delivered directly from our own warehouse, where we are now working on adding a “digital level” to the books from our platform for interactive books. This “augmented reality” level intends to further enhance the experience of the book in various ways. Such a level is already available for our most recently published books (in Swedish) “Matresan genom Småland” and “En fransman i Stockholm 1844-45”.

The e-books in BiQStore are now being transformed into interaQtive Books in SOE PublishingLab – the platform for interaQtive books – for an enhanced experience. They will be launched during the summer of 2022.

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