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eBook with audio – the progressive interaQtive books format

We believe that an ebook at least should include audio besides text and images. In this spirit, we are now including audio in all our ebooks, starting with the books in the English language, soon also in Swedish.

The titles so far are the following:

Bordertraveller stories ebookA Frenchman in Stockholm 1844-45 by François Rouel ebookpdfLearning Design in Practice for Everybody








They are distributed as encrypted watermarked PDF (download) and include an audiobook online or as a Progressive interaQtive book, where no registration is required, just enter the password-code inside the eBookPDF. More information about the audiobook you find inside the eBook with audio or click here for instructions (pdf-file).

The Audiobook is powered by SOE PublishingLab, which is a platform to create and distribute interactive books, in which you besides an ebook with audio can include a lot of other interactive features.

Features for development of interactive books

It is also possible to combine different book layouts in different ways. Below follows examples of interactive features that are available on the platform:

+Advanced multiple-choice module
+Augmented Reality features

In total there are 30 main features for interactivity and a manifold of possible combinations.

interaQtive booksAt the end of March or the beginning of April, we will be publishing the first fully interactive books and sell them here in BiQStore! The next generation eBooks are here!